We are very surprised to learn how many people have never had a picnic! Don't feel bad. I grew up thinking a picnic was a bucket of KFC at a Little League game. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there just like me! We're set to remedy that with an authentic picnic lunch set right on the rim - weather permitting of course!


The picnic lunch is one of the main characterisitcs that distinguishes our Grand Canyon tours with us from everyone else. We break out the spread, pony up to the Grand Canyon, and try to solve all of the world's problems in one short afternoon. All of the food is prepared fresh daily. You also won't find a restaurant in Las Vegas with a better view.

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people are really the same in terms of tolerance and realize if they don't like it, you probably won't either. Connected services value their customers more than anything else. I've included a few links of places I've visited who are still very connected with their customers.  A disconnected service is when people who no longer understand the service they are offering manage the organization. They have lost contact with their customers and don't even know what it's like going on their own trips. Disconnected services are associated with low quality, high prices, and poor customer service. It's not hard to spot them because they do things like describe a slice of pizza as a "buffet" or a box of apple juice and Danish pastry as "delicious & hearty". They forgot how they would feel if someone did that to them and we know your tours to Red Rock, Grand Canyon, and Hoover Dam means more then that.


One safe bet you can make in Vegas is that Grand-Adventures.com will always be an organization with connected service. We are a people-oriented business; I still guide the tours, hang out with the guests, and understand the value of knowing your likes and dislikes. There will always be good business in good service and we will always be dedicated to that service to you. We also work with like-minded tour guides who share the same passion to show you a great time while exploring the Southwest.


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