BOOKING INFO: Please book online at the link below or call us at 1.800.618.0744 to reserve your space. You can also email us at [email protected] if you have any questions about the tours or would like to inquire about seat availability. PLEASE check the calendar below before calling about date availability.

PAYMENT INFO: Please read our payment policy carefully so that you do not lose your seats.

ITINERARY CHANGES: We do not charge additional for changing tour dates or making changes to your itinerary.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please read our cancellation policy carefully. We have a 48 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY. All cancellations within 48 hours are not eligible for refunds.

DOWNLOAD HOTEL PICKUP INFO HERE: The hotels are really big and this list will help explain where to meet us: PICKUP AREAS

SUNSET TOURS:  We only have one SUNSET TOUR. It departs at different times in the SPRING & FALL and SUMMER. It looks like we have multiple tours on the booking calendar, but that is for people who are booking for next summer's sunset tours.

PAYPAL vs. CREDIT CARD ON DROPDOWN?  Both of these options will allow you to use your credit card.  The Paypal option may ask you to log into your Paypal account but if you look below the login area in the fine print it'll allow you to use your credit card.  It'll say, "pay with my credit card instead"

NOTE: Some foreign banks won't approve paypal transactions because of their refund policy. Please call us if your card is declined by your bank. We can either email you an online invoice or take your credit card details over the phone.

PAYMENT PROCESSING: Please make sure that you continue booking THROUGH the payment process to reserve your seats. We will not confirm your reservation or seats until we are able to confirm you payment.

24 HOUR PAYMENTS: We will cancel all reservation requests and seats that we are unable to confirm payment on after 24 hours.

IMMEDIATE CONFIRMATIONS: You will receive a confirmation within an hour during business hours if you reserve your seats and make your payment at the same time.

PAY BY PHONE: You can reserve your seats online and call us by phone to give us your credit card information if you are not comfortable paying online. Stop booking after you receive your confirmation number. Do not proceed onto Paypal. Please call us at 1-800-618-0744 to pay with your credit card. WE WILL CHARGE YOUR CARD IMMEDIATELY.

UNDERSTANDING THE HOTEL PICKUP TIMES: The hotel information on the pulldown list in the booking field will look like "Bellagio - ME @ 6:15am"or "Flamingo - TBD @ 6:15am". ME means "MAIN ENTRANCE" and "TBD" means TOUR BUS DEPOT. This means that we will meet you at the BELLAGIO MAIN ENTRANCE at 6:15AM or the FLAMINGO TOUR BUS DEPOT AT 6:15am. You will NEVER see both ME and TBD in your pickup instructions, meaning we won't tell you to meet us at the MAIN ENTRANCE and TOUR BUS DEPOT at the same time. We've had a few people get really creative and invent their own entrance - once in the middle of the Strip!

HOTEL PICKUP LIST:  Please print out a HOTEL PICKUP LIST if you are unsure of where to meet us. This form will explain in detail where to meet us. You can access one HERE.

SEARCHING FOR A TOUR: You don't have to put a date into the calendar to search for a tour. You can just click on the "Click For Availability" link or the BOOK button. It will move onto the next page where you can see the full calendar of availability. GREY means the tour is not available. GREEN means that there are openings for that tour. That will let you pick your date and see how many seats are left without messing around with the SEARCH criteria.

CHILD PRICING: Child pricing is for young children and teens between the ages of 10 and 16. Please book accordingly. We will not allow you onto the tour if you book child pricing for an adult or try to sneak a child under 10 onto the tour. Please make sure you have permission from our office to bring a child under 10.

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