The following maps will help you understand where we will be walking on your Grand Canyon tours. We will be walking on the blue trail west of Grand Canyon Village. The walk is very peaceful and goes by quickly because of all of the spendid scenery. We will walk about 1.5 - 2 miles along a the flat, easy trail.


The maps to the right are from the "Lord of the Rings" display at Universal Studios in Hollywood.. I took a picture of them and the picture eventually became useful for our maps and brochures page!

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The maps are here just to give you an idea of what the village looks like.  We begin all of our tours at South Rim village and will walk along the upper rim trail.  




We've attached a brochure for you to download so you can share the information with your family and friends.  Please note that the information may change from time to time so please read our website carefully as it's up to date.  

Please print or download the pickup instructions in case you have any questions about where to meet us.  The pickup times are scheduled within 10 minutes of each other so please make sure you are on time.