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We check the weather forecast each morning to make sure that it will cooperate with us on your Grand Canyon tours, Red Rock tours, & Hoover Dam Kayaking tours. We will refund 100% of everyone's money if we cancel due to inclemant weather.


We define INCLEMENT WEATHER as "zero visibility" at the Grand Canyon, river currents and rapids too dangerous for kayaking, and heat or rain too dangerous for hiking at Red Rock. Inclimate weather is not defined as a temperature, road, or weather condition that may impede or alter a tour while there is partial visibility at the Grand Canyon. We cancel tours due to zero visibility at the Grand Canyon, rough rapids on the Colorado River, and heat, rain, or cold too unbearable at Red Rock.


If waives, reimburses, or discounts the fee for any reason due to unsatisfactory service to the traveler(s) then traveler(s) agrees not to post any negative comments and/or remove their posts about Doing so will constitute a breach in refund agreement and traveler(s) will be liable for full payment until (1) payment is made if full (2) traveler(s) remove comments. reserves the right to change, alter, shorten, or eliminate any aspects of their tours for any reason and without notice to the travelers. Such changes are not false advertising, rather the company exercising its full right to change or alter a tour without notice.


Any traveler can and will be removed from the tour if they behave in such a way that it offends or effects the quality and experience of other guests in the tour. Any travelers removed due to behavior will not be subject to a refund, will have to find their own transportation back to Las Vegas, and agrees to pay a $500 fine if they post any negative comments blaming for their bad behavior.,Inc is not responsible for left-behind, lost, or stolen property. Travelers are responsible for making sure that they have all of their property when they are dropped off at the end of their tour. Travelers can be liable for the cost of shipping if the amount exceeds $10. We will make every effort to find and return any property that is left behind.


Please review PRIVACY POLICY for information subject to our use and for advertising.


There will be a late fee of $50 per month for each payment that we are unable to collect on for any reason at all, regardless of the reason. Each person booking a tour is responsible for making sure that, Inc is able to charge their fee without hinderance, regardless of the cause or issue preventing the charge.



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