My first Grand Canyon tour in 2004 was a huge disaster and made me get into the touring business. The brochure was nothing like the actual tour.  We spent over fifteen hours to see forty five minutes of the Grand Canyon and wasted most of our time at gas station "smoke breaks" then taking in the viewpoints at Grand Canyon National Park.  I expressed my displeasure with the company and they said, "Well, if you don't like it why don't you get into business for yourself?" So, I did.


We use 15 PASSENGER VANS on our tours because it minimizes the groups sizes and allows us to travel much faster.  It allows us to spend more time at the Grand Canyon and also allows us to be very personal with all of you.  We do recognize that 15 PASSENGER VANS aren't the most ideal way to travel FOR SOME PEOPLE but for people who share our point-of-view, they work out perfectly!  We don't over-crowd the vehicles and make sure that your safety is our main priority. We also know you aren’t paying us to waste your time so we minimize the group sizes. We are able to travel much faster because we aren't waiting for people to get on and off the bus.



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