We depart Las Vegas at 6:30am for the Grand Canyon, Red Rock, and Hoover Dam Kayaking tour. The Grand Canyon tour is 15 hours while the Red Rock and Hoover Dam Kayaking tours are about 8 hours. We will let you know what time we will pick you up at the time of booking. See all of our Grand Canyon tours and get ready for fun!

The standard tour lasts about 15 hours. We leave by 6:30am and return at 9:30pm. It's very common for our guests to ask to stay longer. Every Grand Canyon tour in Las Vegas lasts about 15 hours. The only difference is we are the only Grand Canyon tour company who gives you 4 hours at the Grand Canyon. 


SMALL GROUPS OF 10 OR LESS on your grand canyon tour

FULLY GUIDED WALKING TOUIR on your grand canyon tour


MCDONALD'S OR BK BREAKFAST on your grand canyon tour

PHOTO STOP AT HOOVER DAM on your grand canyon tour

VISIT ROUTE 66 IN SELIGMAN, ARIZONA on your grand canyon tour                                       ONLY ON GRAND CANYON SUNSET & GRAND CANYON WALKING TOURS is the only company that allows THREE FULL HOURS at the Grand Canyon. We don't believe in driving all that far to spend an hour there. Our tours are designed to enhance your Grand Canyon experience. The tour guide will carry your picnic lunch in a backpack and set up lunch somewhere along the trail. We always like to remind our guests that the more you eat at lunch, the lighter their pack will be the rest of the day! They will also point out hidden lookout points, good picture spots, and explain how the Grand Canyon formed.

We specialize in small group tours that focus on quality, value, and service, knowing that small groups develop a higher personal experience for you. It also allows your tour guide to interact with you on a more personal level so that your experience of the Grand Canyon is as memorable as it should be.   Our goal in this small group setting is to treat each of you like a friend visiting from out-of-town, not like a number with a name tag.  

Our price includes a fully-guided tour.  Our tour guides are with ou all day to make sure that they maximize your experience at the West Rim.  They'll take you on a guided walked once you reach the West Rim and stay with you the whole day, even at Hoover Dam.  They'll use all of their training and experience to show you the best spots and history at the Grand Canyon.

Your tour includes complimentary pickup and dropoff service! All transportation services and costs are included in your tour, including free pickup and dropoff service at your hotel or casino. We will pick up from any hotel or casino adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip, such as Paradise Road, Henderson, Dean Martin Drive, Frank Sinatra Drive, and anything near the airport.  Services are limited to customers of, Inc.

We include a McDonald's or Burger King breakfast in your Grand Canyon tour (and all other tours) with We use McDonalds 99% of the time but use Burger King too if there is a delay at McDonald's. You can eat as much as you like. We use to serve the continental breakfast but we learned that we ended up losing more travel time by doing this. Our guests ended up ordering food at gas stations, asked to stop, or walked to nearby places to get a bite to eat. Plus, everyone at came from families where it was only proper to stuff the guests with food!

We will make a 10-15 minute photo stop at Hoover Dam on our way to the Grand Canyon. We stop at the lookout point closest to the dam, which overhangs the Colorado River. You'll be surprised that the dam is much smaller then it looks on TV or in those Superman movies.

Seligman, Arizona inspired the Disney Pixar film 'Cars'.  It's also highlighted in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC because of it's American Depression roots and history.  Seligman is still hidden from mainstreet but it's a famous little place.  John Lassiter, the producer of Cars, based many of the characters from Cars on people he met along Route 66 and Seligman.  Angel Delgadillo, the town barber, worked diligently to recertify Route 66 and it was his efforts that inspired 'Cars' and the story.  Sometimes, we are lucky and find Angel milling around town!

SAFTETY NOTE: We do not recommend any of our tours for anyone with physical disabilities that limit or restrict mobility or if you have heart or respiratory problems. The grand canyon is located at 7,000 feet in altitude and has very thin air. You will need to provide a letter from your doctor clearing you to walk at 7,000 feet altitude if you have heart, respiratory, or physical disabilities. We also do not recommend our tours for handicap individuals as we will be walking between 2-3 miles.

TRAVEL NOTE: Please bring a book or another forms of entertainment. It's a very long, scenic drive to the Grand Canyon but one of the few destinations that you'll see that actually lives up to its hype! The scenery will change 3-4 times and those who don't choose to sleep normally talk to each other.

WALKING NOTE: We reserve the right to change or alter the walking route or tour for any reason. We may not visit the lookout points above. The main reason for altering a course usually involves inclement weather during the winter time or excessive rain in the summertime. We'll still spend 3-4 hours inside the park but drive to different lookout points. Please contact us immediately if you feel that your tour was cut short by the tour guide so that we can resolve this issue with you.

WALKING TOUR TIMES, ROUTES, & SEASONS: The walking tour departs at 6-6:30am all year. We do not offer the sunset tour from December 1st to February 28th. The reason is that the sun sets a bit too far south west of the Grand Canyon. We also alter the walking route in the winter. The western shuttle systems in the park close for the winter. There is a very good chance that the tour guide will let you stay for the sunset in December and January because the sun sets by 4:30pm.


Please email us at [email protected] or call 1.800.618.0744 if you have any questions about the departure dates and months.

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SKYWALK INCLUDED ON ALL WEST RIM TOURS on your grand canyon tour                                                                                                                                           ONLY ON GRAND WEST RIM TOUR

ONLY THE GRAND CANYON WEST RIM TOUR visits the GRAND CANYON SKYWALK.  The Sunset and Walking tours go to Grand Canyon National Park and the Skywalk is not located at Grand Canyon National Park.  All of our tours to Grand Canyon West Rim include the Grand Canyon Skywalk in the price.