How many times have you read testimonials and thought, "I know they wrote that themselves?" I've taken a few tours and am sure they wrote the testimonials themselves after taking the tour.


We also have over 1,800 reviews on TripAdvisor that are organically fresh within the last few days. There's a lot of variables that can effect the quality of a Grand Canyon tour and we always do our best to make sure that everyone has a great time! I'd also like to take this opportunity again to thank all those who have gone before and those who have booked a tour for your support! We wouldn't be here without your support and truly enjoy the opportunity that we have to provide you with such great tours.

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I just want to tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you and how much my parents and I appreciated your tour last Saturday. It was the highlight of their trip, and we all enjoyed your company and your expertise. I was very impressed how you took care of my parents and made them feel good even they didn't speak English. They spoke about the great experience they had for the rest of the time we where in Las Vegas. They went on to LA and I had to go home and work.


I got the CD, Thank you very much. I think it's fantastic, just the flower pictures are so much better then mine and I loved the blue bird and the rest of them. Again, Thank you so much, you made our day and vacation. Regards Bent. 

BENT JENSEN'S grand canyon tour: WELLINGTON, FL:

STEVE DYBLE'S grand canyon tour: LEEDS,ENGLAND

SHARON MACOMB'S grand canyon tour: PENSACOLA, FL


I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our Grand Canyon Tour. It was truly an awesome experience....words can not accurately describe this experience.


We're very fortunate that you were our guide,you're very warm & personable and you knew all the right places and the right time to be where to get the fullest impact of the sunset. Thank you very much for making this such a memorable experience.

I would like to thank you on behalf of my family and myself for a wonderful trip to the Grand Canyon. This tour was the highlight of our holiday and the fact that we considered you to be one of the family for the day is a testament to the fact that your hospitality was of the very highest standard. Everyone agreed that you made our day that much better because of the way you joined in with us and were not just a tour guide. I will certainly recommend your Grand Canyon tour to anyone who is going to the Grand Canyon and I would like to take this opportunity to wish your company all the success for the future. Once again thank you very much! Kind regards, Steve.

KIM & DAVID TWISS' grand canyon tour: UNITED STATES

Thank you for sending us the slideshow of the pictures you took of our Grand Canyon tour. We forgot you mentioned that you would send them to us, so it was a pleasant surprise. They turned out great. Seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time was without a doubt the highlight of our trip and the most amazing sight we've ever seen. Also, thank you for being honest and giving us exactly the amount of time at the Canyon as advertised. Many companies seem to go the extra mile to take advantage of their customers and not deliver what they promise, so thank you for going the extra mile to make sure that we had a good experience with our trip to the Canyon.



Our biggest goal when designing and conducting our tours is to always ask, "How would we like this as a customer?"  We feel that it's important to always take your view into consideration when designing tours, addressing customer concerns, and making sure we do our best to accommodate everyone.   We always listen and work with people to make sure that we are doing our best to make this a memorable and life-long experience for them.  We are humbled by the fact that so many of our really awesome guests  have taken time out of their busy schedules to write a review for us. We totally recognize that we aren't here for us.  We are here for our customers and really appreciate everything that they've done for us.  In return, we try our best to make sure that we give them an awesome tour.  We are always game for a cold beer or hanging out too!