The temperature changes quickly at Grand Canyon.  The old saying is if you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes because it will change. This is true and our guests going on a Grand Canyon tour often experience this.  The irony is that inclement weather provides the most exciting and brilliant photograph opportunities at Grand Canyon.  All of our tour guides are really bored with clear, blue skies.  You really want the rain clouds. The most stunning pictures on our website occurred after a rainstorm. We carry huge golf umbrellas and rain coats just in case it looks like there will be rain. Please click WHAT TO BRING to see what you'll need for your Grand Canyon tour.


Zion National Park is cooler and demostrates the traditional four seasons.

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You'll want to bring a small backpack with an extra shirt, socks, a water bottle, and camera gear. You'll want to wear tennis shoes or hiking shoes, light-colored clothes, and even binoculars.  You can actually make this walk with sandles and open-toed shoes but we don't recommend that since there are loose rocks, insects, and cactus' all along the paved trail.  We have umbrellas and rain jackets just in case we experience some inclement weather.


It can get very cold, snowy, and windy on the rim of the Grand Canyon in the wintertime.  The Grand Canyon is at 7,000 feet above sea level so we do experience normal winters with snow.  It's important to bring a winter jacket, knit cap, scarf, gloves, warm hiking shoes or boots, a change of socks, and layer with sweatshirts and clothes.   We do carry extra jackets just in case you do not have a jacket for unpredictable weather.