We have customers call and explain that they can rent a car and drive to the Grand Canyon cheaper then they can taking our tour.  It's true and you'll save money but your experience will be very limited.  Our tour guides have a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge that will enhance your Grand Canyon experience.  You'll also maximize your time and at the end of it all you'll spend almost as much driving yourself as you would taking a tour.  You'll have to rent a car, pay for gas, your meals, park entrance, and miss some of the most scenic parts of the Grand Canyon.  You'll end up spending as much time trying to research and figure out what to see as actually seeing it.  So, save the driving for us and let Grand-Adventures.com enhance your Grand Canyon experience!

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We use 15 passenger Chevy Express vans for our tours.  The are designed to seat 15 people but we only put 10 in the van to allow more room for comfort.  This allows us to be very personal with everyone in the tour.  They are not customized and work great for the casual traveler.  We recommend that you are comfortable traveling in 15 passenger vans.  We have a very diligent, preventative maintenance program that has minimized the chance for a breakdown.  We've had less then ten breakdowns since 2005 and in each case it was a defaulty "new" part that we had just replaced.  We also wash and clean them daily